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Food Reformulation Task Force


The Food Reformulation Task Force – a partnership between the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) and Healthy Ireland – today hosted a workshop in Cork on food reformulation for food manufacturers, retailers, and the out-of-home food service sector.

Reformulation of food is a key public health strategy in the provision of healthy, nutritious, and safe food for all. Recent targets set by the Department of Health, and being implemented by the Food Reformulation Task Force, aim to reduce calories, saturated fat, sugar, and salt in the Irish diet.

The UCD Institute of Food and Health recognises the importance of this work and will continue to provide support through ongoing research activities including the provision of data, expertise and training. It will also work with the food industry in supporting their technical requirements in the implementation of the targets to foodstuffs. 

Sinead O'Mahony who is a part time PHD student works as FSAI Senior Technical Executive, works on the taskforce. She recently held a research bites on this topic which you can (opens in a new window)watch here and you can find more information on (opens in a new window)FSAI's website here.

How reliable is Ireland's fruit and vegetable supply?

Mother and daughter in the supermarket looking at the vegetables

Isobel Stanley reports on the stability of Ireland's fruit and vegetable supply. How is climate change affecting You can read an (opens in a new window)RTE article here.

Isobel Stanley's full report can be found by clicking the link:

UCD Institute Sustainability Report

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